Wednesday, 1 October 2008

TOU update.

Hiya all.

I have had lots of emails over the last few weeks about usage of my free and PTU kits so I thought I would post an update regarding the questions I have most recently been asked.

Firstly- Can my kits be used for blog layouts/templates?

Freebie kits- Yes you may use my free kits for blog layouts/templates. I ask that if you are going to be sharing these with others I ask that no profit is made by yourselves for supplying layouts/templates, That a credit is added to the layout for the kit used and that a link for my blog is placed on the post where you offer the layout/template and or in the zip for the layout/template.
If the layout/template is for you own blog I ask for acknowledgement somewhere on your blog.

Pay To Use Kits. Layouts/templates for blogs can be made with these kits but for personal use only, No sharing of layouts made with Pay to use kits with anyone else.

Secondly- Can my freebies be used for scrap challenges?
Yes please do, I ask that my kit is not shared in any other way than a link to my blog for download. You may use my previews on your forums or in your groups.

Third-Can I use your kits for S4H?
No sorry I do not allow my kits to be used in any way where someone other than myself will make profit from them. Sorry

Fourth-May I use your kit in a tutorial?
Absolutely I would be honoured if you do, all I ask is that you don't share any supplies from my kits but link to my blog for download, You may link direct to the post which the freebie you used is on.

Also I have been asked if I accept suggestions for theme's/colours for kits. Yes is my answer. Although maybes after my first attempt it would be best you don't suggest goth themes lol
Quite often (like now) my mojo goes walkabout and if you want to jump start it feel free. If you have a suggestion then please by all means send me a colour chart and your ideas and I'll attempt to give it a whirl. All I will say is if its a busy time or I can't do something I will say, Please don't be offended by that

I think for now that covers most of the frequent questions I have been asked. Ill be back with a new freebie when my mojo reappears :0)


Marina Takano said...

Do you allow to upload your kits to another sites?
Here is the site where they posted your kit and uploaded it on to 3 differents sites for downloading...

If you are against it you can write to the owner of the site to the email :