Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Mocha Preview


Here is my 3rd Scrap kit, I actually quite like this one!!! lol

Its taken me a while to complete but I am happy with the results than with the first 2 kits. But i have still a lot to learn!

Anyway Here is the preview

If you wish to download Please do so Here


Southernlady said...

I love the mochas and browns kits!!
This is absolutely beautiful.....
You're work is awesome!!

I went to download it, and am a member of Digital Chaos, but they no longer have it :o(....

Am I doing something wrong as far as getting to the download. I have to have it!!

Thanks for all the Freebies that you post! I know you work hard at making these gorgeous kits and deserve a kind word from everyone that downloads them.

Here is mine. God bless you for your generousity!

Donna aka Daajahblue@aol.com

Alma Carter : Emsige Biene said...

Pfewww, had quite a 'struggle' to download the kit, but anyways, thx for the gorgeous freebie