Thursday 27 March 2008

New Scrap Kit

Please be understanding that i have only just started making scrap kits. So they wont be anywhere near as good as the kits by other people on the net. But I will learn more as i go along.

If you would like to download this scrap kit please do so here


Anonymous said...

Hi Bluey,

THANK YOU for sharing your designs, your time & your talent.

I have downloaded many of your kits, & I`m sure you must have been thinking `oh there`s another of those download & run` sort of people. Not so lol x

You may be wondering as to why I have downloaded so many.
This is where I would like to explain whilst I believe my explanation may interest many, many of your friends on this site.

I have only recently learned about Scrapbooking.
For the past five years, and since becoming `a grandma` (yikes lol) I have been making `slide shows` for my family using photos which were taken on occasions like birth, birthdays, xmas, holidays, day trips, starting nursery /school, trips to the beach etc.

When I learned about scrapbooking I started to realise that maybe I could join these 2 types of projects together - and do some Scrapbooks set to music (just like the slideshows were)

However, I have encountered several problems.
Firstly, insofaras I did a few weeks ago download some kits from another website, only to find that the PNG files were not transparent.

Enter problem 2 lol... I have never worked with PNG files before, nor do I have Paint Shop Pro, which someone told me is is the right prog for making PNGs transparent.
(not doing so well I am sure you would agree - and yes my MOJO too went walkies because I had promised my family that from hereon the slideshows would be even better)
Therefore, when I came across your website and realised that your PNG files were transparent, it seemed to solve my problem.

Now for my reasurrances....
I have every respect for your work, and the fact that I only intend to use them in slideshows for my family should tell you that this is NOT a commercial venture.
Obviously I am not about to sell my grandchildrens photos (or any slideshow /musical scrapbook containing those photos)
In fact, I would always strongly advise anyone never to put their familys photos online (or at least not the ones where children are on them) We just never know who is lurking on the internet and always better safe than sorry.
So anything I have downloaded is NOT for any commercial use of any kind, NOR will it be uploaded to any sites like YouTube, facebook or any other online site.

I dont know what progs other ppl have got, but I use Windows Movie Maker for making slideshows.
I use ArcSoft for editing.

If anyone wants to try out this idea of making `Musical scrapbooks` then of course music & copyright is another big issue.
A website I use is Piano Lady Nancy`s FREE WAV files :

The songs are FREE to download to PC, but again they must NOT be used in any commercial ventures for profit.
Whether it is permissible to use them in a project which is then uploaded to the net I do NOT know, whilst as I have already stated: I never upload my personal family slideshows. You would need to read her Terms & Conditions.

I trust this will now explain my downloading since yesterday.
I would never download and then not come back and say : THANK YOU.

I thought you might like to throw this Musical Scrapbooking idea out there for your friends.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work, and oh yeah... I do hope you find your MOJO lol xxx

`granny` x