Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Tutorials on my blog.

I received an email today which made me have a think about showing tutorials on this blog. So i have a question for you all and I will be doing a poll.
Do you mind seeing tutorials on this blog? Originally I put them all on one blog as I didn't have the time to upkeep 2 blogs and 2 websites a full time job 3 kids and a football team lol.

I will go with the results of the blog poll.. while am waiting for the results I wont post any further tutorials

But having said this I would also like to mention something. Although I understand that some of the tags/tutorials made are not to every ones tastes I do expect people to be considerate of other peoples likes and dislikes and not berate the work of others just because it is not to your taste.
I am first and fore mostly a tagger. Always have been and always will be. I started to make scraps for the use of taggers and only started to make full size kits at the request of people coming to my blog. I give my work freely and request that a little respect to myself and my CT is shown.


Anonymous said...

Hello sweetie... I perfectly understand this situation... I think it's better to have everything in only one blog... but in my case I decided to have a blog only to show the tags because I could keep my scrap blog family friendly... I receive soooooooooooooo much tags and if I'd publish everything there it wasn't going to be good... but if you are showing only CT tags, I think you should keep the tags here...

Anonymous said...

You don't always have to follow the tutorials to the letter. If you have an image that you prefer, you can use it instead. As it is, after you scroll down past the previewed or sample tag image at the top of a tutorial all that is left are the instructions. Anyway, my point, whether you like or dislike certain artist images you can always use different images when doing a tutorial. If you get real creative you can even use different scrap kits too. Just try and add your own pizazz to a tag or two! *smiles*

Faerie said...

I don't know why somebody is in a snit about the tutorials. As a tagger, personally, I love your tutorials and seeing examples of what can be done with the various kits. From time to time I see a kit (both FTU and PTU) and cannot think of how I might use it. Then I see a tag made from the kit and a world of possibilities open up for me! THANK YOU for your kits and your tutorials!
Lastly...personally I would prefer to not have to bounce from one site to another. Granted it's just one more click (in the case of "To see samples of creations made with this kit" or "Tutorials using this kit". But some days one more click is too many.
I hope that makes sense.
Huggles, Faerie

Unknown said...

Bluey, your the best!!! Yes, please, please, please with sugar on top and strawberries on the side, continue to post your awesome tuts here!!!!

A loyal stalker for life, lol

HarleyGirl said...

First and foremost this is YOUR blog and I think you are certainly entitled to post here what you want. Last time I looked it was still a free country and if this person didn't like it or was offended in some way then why are they coming here? It is all about choices. Just keep doing what YOU want to do and don't let others try to run your blog. Even though I am not a tagger I really enjoy seeing every ones talent and creativity.

Dianna said...

I love seeing the tutorials. Even if I don't do them, i get ideas off of them for my own tags, so yes, I'd love for you to keep posting them!

However, keep in mind the old addage - you can't please all of the people all of the time - and there are going to be some people that no matter what you do are going to be unhappy with it. It would be nice if they showed some respect, yes, but some people have no manners, especially where they internet is concerned.

kit89 said...

As a tagger, I love having the tutorials on the same blog - seems like it takes visits to three or four different sites to collect all the material for the tuts (and I get lost easily!!) And I am a HUGE fan of your kits! Thank you.

tracyp said...

I completely agree with you, you graciously donate your time (and money) to create wonderful freebies for us all to use, people should not be complaining. If they don't like it, then they can just stop coming to your blog and stop taking advantage of your freebies. Keep doing what you are doing, it is all wonderful!! Thank you for sharing for creativity! Tracy