Sunday 2 November 2008

Awards and a freebie hangover :)

Thats right, free limited edition hangover on offer today!!!!!

I rarely suffer but thanks to pink sambuca and lemonade and the odd black sambuca and baileys my head is slightly delicate this morning (well afternoon now here lol) Did I find my mojo thou? I havent a clue I don't have the energy to open photoshop lol
Anyway I have been given some awards.

I was given this award by Marcia of Babe's Designz, tyvm!! most people I know who do awards have this already so I dedicate it to everyone whos blog I visit!Along with some awards i have already posted before which I won't repeat i was given this by Cleide Luci

This reward was created for the people who although in the distance and of the language difference, they make the difference.