Wednesday 20 August 2008

Updating PspOnlineDirectory and an apology

Hiya all
Sorry its been a few days since I added to my blog. The reason for this is I have been making a collab kit which you will have to wait a while to see lol and also I have been updating one of my other websites.
Unfortunately I had let the Psp Online Directory take a back seat to My scrapping and tagging and as my domain is up for renewal I had to decide if to carry on with it or to let it go. I have though decided to give it another year, and to update it to make it easier for me to maintain.
If you would like your link added to the directory or just want to take a look at the links for Paint Shop Pro sites on there then feel free to visit PSPONLINEDIRECTORY as this is great time to get your sites listed while I am working on it. You will see that some of the areas are pretty empty at the moment, but I will be adding links to it over the next week or so to get it all back up to date and make sure the links are all working as they should. Nothing worse than broken links!! lol
Oh and in case your wondering. Its free to be listed :0)