Monday 5 May 2008

New Freebie

Am having serious Mojo problems!!! someone has hidden it and I can't find it :( help me find it plz.. I may even end up putting a reward up for it if it is missing for much longer! lol

I made this "bright" kit to go with some of the summery tubes coming out. It is very bright, and again may be an aquired taste, But saying that. someone, somewhere may like it so if thats the case then it is worth sharing :)

Serious though I have to ask, How many of you, when faced with a missing mojo do feel like giving up? I've been feeling like that a bit lately and desperately trying to find a cure.. maybe am trying too hard?

anyway enough waffling lol. I hope someone enjoys this freebie x
Download Here


Anonymous said...

Thank you some much for this awesome freebie! I've been looking for ages to find a black and yellow kit.
thanks again chick.
hugs andrea xoxo

rsb said...

I downloaded this one. i love it thanks:)

Sue said...

Thank you for sharing all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderfully bright kit!

Michele said...

Thanks again....I know this was awhile ago, so you obviously found your mojo! lol However, when I have that problem with scrapbooking, I end up stepping away for a little while and then can come back and everything seems to go fine. It may even mean setting THAT project aside and doing something else. Hope that helps in the future. And I sure hope you don't ever lose your mojo permanently because you have a wonderful talent! TFS!

Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup il est très joli ce kit

Anonymous said...

THAT YOU! For the amazing freebies! you are so talented and wonderful to share!