Sunday 23 March 2008


After trying and failing for a while now I have been trying to come up with ideas for my very first Scrap kit attempt. Well its early days but today I came up with an idea, So far I have made one paper lol one frame and one element.. I am hoping that I don't lose my Mojo before I finish it.Whether you get to see it or not once I do depends on how happy i am with it when its complete.
Am in awe of the scrap kit makers out there. I don't want to start naming them all as I will feel bad if I forget some but I have some favorites out there and I wish I could one day be half as good as them but I doubt that will happen.
My problem is that I get bored too easy when i cant do something!

Nothing new today on my main site as Saturday is usually my one day off from my day to day job as a Chat Moderator that I try to keep away from the PC as much of the day as possible!